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    • Nucleic Acid-Based Probing and Sensing Technology

      speaker : Prof. Hah Sang Soo date : 2016.05.25



       Speaker : Prof. Hah Sang Soo

      Affiliation : Department of Chemistry and College of Sciences, 

                       Kyung Hee University

      ​Title : Nucleic Acid-Based Probing and Sensing Technology​

      Date : May 25, 2016

      Location : Science building 604

      Time : 5 pm



      i) the incorporation of oxidized nucleotides into DNA and RNA as a result of endogenous nucleotide oxidation and the mechanistic analysis of several pathways by which radiocarbon-labeled nucleosides can be converted to nucleotide triphosphates and incorporated into both DNA and RNA, ii) the use of AMS to measure the kinetics and repair of DNA adducts formed by two chemotherapeutic compounds, carboplatin and oxaliplatin, which can be useful for directly determining the rates of drug metabolism in humans, development of diagnostics for prediction of drug efficacy (Biomarker-Dependent Individualized Therapeutics), and iii) a highly sensitive method development for determination of protein-ligand interactions.


      i) facile preparation of 5’-thiolated RNA and its uses for conjugation with quantum dots (QDs) to develop an alternative to Western blot analysis as well as for biochip preparation to specifically and quantitatively detect proteins or cells of interest, ii) specific detection and quantitation of proteins or cells of interest based both on aptamers and conventional protein or cell staining methods, iii) design of a new uranophilic DNA-based aptamer for specific and strong uranyl ion binding, iv) preparation of functionalized QDs for FRET-based quantitation of NADPH and its use for single-molecule spectroscopic studies on the properties of turn-on QDs, 

      v) FRET-based in vitro quantitation and time-dependent imaging in live cells, vi) molecular-beacon-based quantitation of epithelial tumor marker mucin 1, vii) FRET-based probing to gain direct information on siRNA sustainability in live cells, and viii) peptide nucleic acids as another class of aptamers revealed by graphene oxide-based assays.

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